Ensuring continued service provision for your school or academy trust

Dear Colleague,

Information and support regarding service provision in relation to the latest Covid-19 restrictions.

In response to the latest lockdown restrictions effective until the 2nd Dec, we would like to reassure you that we continue to have a robust plan in place that will enable us to ensure continuity of service over the coming weeks. We have taken a blended approach to work since the beginning of the pandemic and our offices have remained open throughout. Everyone at Strictly Education is able to work effectively from home and our offices continue to stay open for those who have a specific work or wellbeing requirement to work in the office.

Working so closely with many of you, we are acutely aware of the ever-changing rules and regulations you are having to endure – so we will continue to keep in touch to provide regular updates via our website, email and social media. Individual service delivery teams will continue business as usual and deliver services remotely in some instances. If circumstances change in your school, please let us know and contact your service desk as usual.

Here is a quick summary of the latest lockdown rules for schools, courtesy of Schools Week.


Support Resources

Alongside our day-to-day support and the services we deliver, we have created resources to help you in relation to health and safety, wellbeing and remote learning, all with Covid-19 in mind. We will keep all these resources available for as long as they are needed, and we are still providing free open access for all our clients to the HR Coronavirus Resources Hub.

Coming soon…

New look online training brochure for Spring term 

Our new online booking site for training courses and webinars has not only allowed us to increase the number of courses and subjects available, but the easy-to-use platform can also accept online payments for users that do not yet have an account with us. A new look online brochure for the Spring term will be available at the beginning of December.

Do you have TAs that want to achieve Higher Level Teaching Assistant (HLTA) status?

Our HTLA training and accreditation offer is growing beyond South East England. We are now able to provide this service to a wider region than ever before. Read more about HTLA status on the Strictly Education 4S website.

New Directory of Services

An updated Directory of Education Services will be published in November. We will be introducing new services to HR and School Leadership, plus Internal Scrutiny designed especially for academy trusts. A digital directory will soon be available to download.

If you have any queries, please contact us:


0345 270 8260


Amanda Fisher
CEO Strictly Education


3BM Education Services is changing its name to Strictly Education 3BM

Dear Colleague,

Having now become a firmly established member of the Strictly Education family we will be changing our name from ‘3BM Education’ to ‘Strictly Education 3BM’.

By joining forces, we are now part of a much bigger education-focused group and united by a common purpose; supporting schools to achieve the best outcomes and progress for children and young people.

You can download a letter here which provides you with more information as our story moves to the next stage.

This change will allow us to align our brand name with Strictly Education and Strictly Education 4S, whilst still retaining the identity and legacy of 3BM that you know and trust.

What does this mean for you and your school?

On a day-to-day level, it is business as usual. Telephone numbers remain unchanged and there will be minor changes to the 3BM website, email addresses and social media accounts. The change takes effect from the 15th October 2020. Click here [link to letter] for full details.

Now trading as Strictly Education 3BM, our commitment to providing continuity of service, investment in our people and delivering services with a strong social and partnership ethos remains paramount. We look forward to working with you in the year ahead.



Amanda Fisher
CEO Strictly Education






COVID-19 Update

Be assured that despite the closure of our offices, the Strictly Education group will continue to support you and your staff through these unprecedented times. Our business continuity plans have been successful and we are in a strong position with all our staff able to work remotely and effectively.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any issues or concerns that we can support you with, even if it is for a service that you don’t currently purchase from us. We are here to answer your questions and respond to your needs.

Click here to access our dedicated Coronavirus page, containing regularly updated resources and information for schools.


Contact us:

Strictly Education 3BM


0345 270 8260