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The School Governor Support team provides services designed to give your governing body the professional and specialist support it needs to operate as effectively as possible, satisfying the requirements of current education law and in line with recognised good practice and compliance.

The team of experienced governance professionals work with a wide range of schools, both in maintained and academy sectors and are well placed to offer school governance information and advice, as well as to help identify, understand and respond to the needs of your particular governing body.

Explore our range of governor support services:

We are committed to providing a high-quality service and would welcome the opportunity to discuss our service further. We can arrange a school visit, virtual meeting or alternatively you can contact us by:


Governor Support


“I wanted to say a massive thank you for all your guidance, expertise and support you have given both schools over the last year and what a year it has been, I think we would have struggled as a Federation to get to where we are now without your invaluable input and support. I am particularly grateful for the time, support and knowledge you have shared with me; I don’t think I would have been able to fulfil my role within the Governing body without it.. THANK YOU”

Andy Greetham – Chair of Resources, Holy Trinity & Christ Church CE Primary Schools Federation

The Standard Service Level Agreement (SLA) enables governing bodies to operate effectively and provides a standard Professional Clerking Service for up to four ordinary governing body meetings per year.

The Core Offer consists of the following:

  • Access to advice and guidance from the Head of Governor Support and the professional clerk on procedure and compliance
  • Support for the governing board from a dedicated and professional clerk with planning and clerking the meetings, along with management of governor details and terms of office
  • Support for committees included within the SLA
  • Alternative clerk if your regular clerk is unavailable
  • A guarantee of a prompt response from a member of the School Governor Support Service team to any query made between meetings
  • An annual subscription and maintenance of GovernorHub and Better Governor
  • Annual planning support for agenda items and statutory policies across the meeting schedules
  • 4 full governing body meetings and its associated duties
  • Access to resources for Governor Induction
  • Access to resources for evaluating governance effectiveness
Governor Support


“We are delighted with the service we receive from Strictly Education 3BM Governor Support and Professional Clerking. The clerks we have had the pleasure to have worked with have been efficient, knowledgeable and highly responsive. The clerks have been willing and able to advise governors on legal duties and best practice. We wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Lorraine and her team.”

Claire Maynard – Headteacher, Woodlane High School

The School Governor Support Service engages a team of governance professionals who have experience and knowledge about governance who will provide a full clerking service to the board. The Core Offer forms the Standard Service Level Agreement and includes the clerks support for four of the full governing body/trust board meetings. Full details of this can be found on Governor Support: our Core Offer

Each school structures the number of governing body/trust board meetings in line with its own governance strategy. In recognising that a number of schools schedule six full governing body (FGB) meetings a year and some operate one or more committees, the School Governor Support Service has split out the subscription into two areas: Core Offer (four FGB meetings) and the facility to add to this and pre-purchase the exact number of additional meetings required:

  • Core Offer (4 FGB meetings)
  • Additional full governing body meetings
  • Committee meetings
  • Specific committees, e.g., Pay, Admissions, etc.

A dedicated clerk assigned to your school will support the governing body with the planning the agenda for the meetings, circulating the papers and providing minuted records within the statutory timescales. The clerk will maintain appropriate communication with the chair to ensure that the service is delivered effectively.

Governor Support



The School Governor Support Service uses a cloud based governance management platform ‘GovernorHub’

  • Fully GDPR compliant with all data and documents encrypted
  • Annual subscription included in the Core Offer
  • Database for governor details and terms of office
  • Single calendar facility for meetings which can be sync to various devices
  • Document storage, including policy review schedule facility

“Strictly Education 3BM have supported our governing body for the last year. We have found that their excellent knowledge, administrative support and communication strategies – especially governor hub – has really enhanced the efficient working of the GB and saved me lots of time. I can thoroughly recommend them”

Tessa Hodson – Headteacher, Oaklands Primary School

Clerking of Ad Hoc Meetings

The clerking of ad hoc meetings, such as complaints, staff capability/disciplinary, exclusions or grievance meetings, includes the clerking time; meeting attendance and writing up the minutes of the hearing. If necessary, the preparation along with any other associated work can be undertaken. A school does not have to be signed up with our full Standard Service Level Agreement for School Governor Support Service to access this additional service.

Our governance professional clerks who support these specialist panels will have maintained regular training in this area, e.g., exclusions, staff hearings, complaints, investigations, etc.

Governor Support


Governing Body Training & Development

  • Bespoke whole board training
  • Specific topics, e.g. exclusion panel

The School Governor Support Service recognises that at times, whole board training would be beneficial and other times when a governor needs to access specific training, particularly when a panel of governors need to prepare for a panel hearing. We have a range of expertise across the Strictly Education group that can run training on a range of topics. We welcome the opportunity to discuss the board’s training needs with you. Additional charges will apply for the specific and bespoke training.

The schools who have an SLA with the School Governor Support Service (post May 2020) will also have the facility for all governors to access Better Governor for a range of webinars, newsletters and blogs as part of our Core Offer.

Governor Support


Specialist Project Work

  • Conduct a review of the governance structure
  • Support with federation and academisation governance

Our School Governor Support Service can provide specific governance advice and guidance in addition to our core offer. Reviews of the governance structure, federation or academisation support are services that can be supported. Please do contact us to discuss the board needs and agree a pricing structure.

Governor Support


If you require any of these additional services, please contact the Head of Governor Support who will be happy to discuss your specific needs prior to an agreement being reached. Additional charges will apply for these services.